Introduction to Exposing Islam

The so-called “religion” of Islam is a LIE and a HOAX. It is designed to do nothing but enslave those deceived into following it. Like christianity, everything in Islam and its qur’an has been STOLEN from Ancient Pagan Religions that predated it by thousands of years and the following articles offer proof of this fact.

Islam’s purpose is and always has been  to remove the True and Original Religion of the Gentile Peoples, which is Ancient Paganism, and replace it with lies. The Spiritual and Occult Knowledge of the Original Gods was removed and put into the hands of a select few who use it to control, manipulate and enslave.  Like the “bible” of christianity, the qur’an of islam is infused with Occult Energy to keep the lie going and to literally keep the people deluded under a powerful spell. Studying the Occult and True Spirituality extensively opens ones eyes to the deception and it becomes glaringly obvious. Much of the qur’an and the program of islam as a whole is based on STOLEN Alchemical Allegories and Eastern Systems of Magick which have been severely corrupted, twisted and degenerated before being turned against the Gentile People to whom they originally belonged. In islam, the Energy is directed OUT of the person and INTO the program. The Original Pagan Eastern Workings directed the Energy INTO the person, Empowering the Mind, Body and Soul and bringing Physical and Spiritual Liberation. Islam does the exact opposite, sapping the Energy from its victims and turning them into Physical and Spiritual SLAVES.

Islam is NOT a religion. It is a program of submission, enslavement and death. It destroys the Soul as well and the Body and the Mind. The Eastern counterpart of christianity.

“Contrary to what most people have been indoctrinated with, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are relatively new religions. Humanity goes back tens of thousands of years. These three have worked relentlessly to keep us from spiritual/occult knowledge and using this power, of which all of us have.”- High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

Not many muslims are aware of the fact that thousands upon thousands of innocent people were tortured and murdered, thousands of Sacred Pagan Religious Texts and Temples were destroyed and desecrated, what ever remained was stolen and removed from the general populace to be used, and much worse during what was known as the “islamic inquisition” in order to spread this vile disease across the face of the Earth. Its foundations were built upon the blood and tears of Innocent People, the Ancestors of the Arabs who embrace this filth today. Humanity has suffered untold amounts at the hands of this program of death, and will continue to do so until it is destroyed. Those deluded by its lies need to WAKE UP.

The thousands of people devoting their time and “worship”, their ENERGY, to this lie are adding to the literal vortex of Energy that is keeping humanity deluded and keeping this program alive. They are worshipping their own damnation and walking willingly towards their own destruction. The lie of Islam must be brought to and end!

The related link for this information is

-High Priestess Zildar Raasi

*Updated and revised exposing islam articles will be added soon*

43 Responses to “Introduction to Exposing Islam”

  1. wow i agree with this article i think these modern religions are just fake!
    however i’m not pagan i’m atheist

  2. patty crash Says:

    someone expose hinduism too. (:

    • This is a pretty old comment. However, if you are still interested, here it goes. Ancient Hinduism was spiritual satanism. Spiritual satanism was born in India, Sumer and Egypt. The original Hindu/Sumerian and Egyptian gods are what were brutally termed as Satan and his demons by Christians and Muslims, where in reality, they were benevolent gods.

      Nonetheless, today’s Hinduism too is f**ked up due to corruption, misinformation and misleading over thousands of years. The original Satanism/Hinduism taught true spirituality, the path to become one with god. It did not teach sacrificing someone or killing someone in the name of god. Satan and his gods loved human beings and wanted us to become like them. It also never taught humanity about hating someone. Killing in the name of god was taught by Judaism and its related religions.

  3. I beleive Islam must be eradicated its cost so much war and bloodshed take for instance the war In Iraq , a stuid war waged for nothing more than oil, the way they treat women is just most diabolical, and is said in jos if those shit bags did any real work like yoga or element work or just anyform of spiritual work instead of bowing down to that piece of shit yahweh or allah they’d advance but also I want to leave this comment a pal of mine has informed me of the william branham cult needs to be wiped it works I’m sure some of you know, by awakening the chakras of others than turns them into true puppets of the enemy
    giving them ower at the same time making them slaves even though this has nothign to do with Islam the three things that Our Father in Hell hate need to be wiped HAIL SATAN HAIL MARCHOSIAS

  4. I’ve been watching some videos on Youtube with Islamic extremists doing their best to screw the world over like they always do. One video had that Choudary man, I think that’s his last name, in Britain with his group of radicals, determined to turn Buckingham Palace into a mosque and another video of some Muslim villagers who thought these two guys were burglars and they beat the life out of them with large sticks and bricks. All I can say is, wow, this world needs Father Satan -badly-, so that all this unnecessary violence and depression can end.

  5. i was born as muslim and for all i know i hated this fucked up religion been a woman has been a nightmare i agree with everyones comment this religion is nothing but evil all about fighting killing discriminating everyone i think the words needs a satan to stop all this shit i tryed to be catholic and christian and for all i know its the same shit nothing but lies and politics and its all about forcing the religion on people and brain washing everybody and im glad that i had discovered all these lies coz there still many poor woman suffering from this shit and they cant escape this crap i consider my self very lucky

    • Blackdog666 Says:

      islam, a program of death and the eastern counterpart to Christianity? I believe it 100%, based on my research. I am sorry to say that my own mother is nothing more than a puppet of the enemy, slavishly worshipping Yahweh or whatever (God of the jews) but in her mind it’s Jesus Christ. It’s nothing short of miraculous that Father Satan finally woke me up to this monsterous, spoon-fed lie which has cost the lives of millions upon millions of innocent gentile men, women and children for thousands of years!.

    • L Lord Ebederecords Says:

      i was born muslim too ! and i agree with all of your words !! i got help from the most powerfull satanic man on earth … he helped me with everything ! he teached me the true satanism and the true other fake religions such as islam and christians and jews .. and helped me with spiritual meditations and to summon and comunicate with our demons brothers and sisters and rituals even helped by having a demon guard anw … what i have learned from satan that we should not attack other religons and yahwa (allah) our enemy isn’t yahwa … our enemy is the grays/ramadioun (angels) … ave satanas !!

    • satanschosen Says:

      wow i love you. youre an open minded, grounded person. try to make other muslims open their eyes too

  6. Lilith =^..^= Says:

    I agree with you all. Befor I tried to communicate with christian’s god, but notting happined.
    When I discovered Satan, I Feel his beautiful energie and he gave me the answer.
    Regis Satana

  7. death to islam but the problem is that it is like a spiritual blackhole and onley satan can stop it but we cant do anything because of all the lifeforce. the only way we can make a dent in the problem is if every satanist, wiccan pagan andmagic user no matter their differences, band together and lead the biggest spiritual attack on xians because the others are hated too so we have a common enemy. anouther way i created is to take a small object and put an inverse spell on it and hide it in a xian placr of worship so for them the process is reversed. if enough do it then we start winning

  8. i heard muhammad married a six year old girl named aisha, and they had sex when she was 9 years old

    its fuckked up

  9. we really need to rid the world of all 3 doctrines of filth
    i was never a believer in the first place luckily but have always been very interested in the origens of evil
    well looks like we have found that now we need to get rid of it as quickly and thouroghly as possible

  10. michael menace Says:

    islam to me is the worst of the lot and should be wipe of this planet asap

  11. If you read some of the Arab pagan’s poetry at the time, and compare it to the quran, you will see many similarities. Muhamad the plagiarist, the pathetic paedophile jew made warlord.

  12. enemyofjeezuz Says:

    I agree that Islam is terrible–and so much rubbish that has nothing to do with its core. “Doing good works in the name of Allah” is bad enough. However, they add real evil–women dressed in veils in hot weather, denigration of women, the death penalty for homosexuals, the age of consent being 21 (imagine “molesting” a 20 year old), and so on. What does THAT have to do with “doing good works in the name of Allah? Nothing. Never mind the Ramadan fasts–I would like the Jews that started and control this shit to try strict Ramadan fasting at latitude 75 degrees N during the next few years, when the sun is up virtually 24 hours a day.

    As bad as Islam is, Christi-SCAM-ity is even worse. Not only do they add rules to their core, but the core itself is rotten. Some Christi-SCAM denominations require going door to door, and there is that Law of St Benedict for anyone stupid enough to go into monastery work. Going to church 7 times a day–I locked myself in the basement and took the key in with me to get out of ONE CHURCH DAY! No sex, ever. Everything regimented. No private property. And those missionaries–doing whatever it takes to plant those fucking churches, including raping and kidnapping children. It is enough to make me want to puke.

    Yet, the Jews behind them are the ones that made the rules that no one should ever bash Judaism. They were the ones that started it–slaughtering innocent people, homophobia, denigrating women, trying to enslave the human race. They wrote the LIE-ble that so many are enslaved to. Anti-semitism may not be attractive to those who are brainwashed, but then again the truth is usually not attractive if you are dependent on others to fall for your lies.

    And the lies they tell about Satan! It was Satan that, according to their own LIE-ble, freed mankind from Jehovah’s tyranny. It is Satan that, at great personal cost to himself, is working so hard to eradicate the Jewish parasites so everyone else can be free. It is Satan that, at great personal sacrifice, is fighting for our salvation. And His religion has no strict rules that bind women, restrict sex, and waste hours and hours of people’s time pissing off householders and foreigners listening to rubbish.

    And it is Satan that is fighting so hard to restore true racial justice. Never mind that the Jews are trying to force integration, as if all races were equal. Like all the races, not all climates on the planet are equal. Place black people too far north or south, they cannot get enough sun. They get diseases, they get depressed, and cannot thrive. White people in the tropics get tropical diseases, sunburn, and heat problems. And add enslavement to the mix, and one sees how the Jews are responsible for racism far worse than blacks or whites can perpetrate. They use Christi-SCAM-ity to pull this shit off, invading foreign lands and enslaving the natives.

    Down with the Jewish system. Down with Christi-SCAM-ity. Down with Islam with its many add-ons that result in an oppressive program. Down with homophobia, denigration of women, torture, slavery, and blasphemy of the Demons that have done so much to help us.

    Hail Satan and His Demons!

    • seliahzhipquihar Says:

      the Christians raped children???? horrible as that is; i need to know more. why? when? WHY???

    • Blackdog666 Says:

      The seed of truth is growing within me as I read all of your informed and enlightened comments. Let Father Satan’s love shine within you, and keep exposing the lies! Whenever I visit a Satanic site such as this, I am filled with a spiritual sense of belonging to a higher power, that higher power being Satan Himself. I can see none of you need “convincing”, as you all seem to have broken through your jewish conditioning. As Father Satan’s people, we are one and we are strong! Each and everyone of you knows what I’m talking about. I strongly believe that dedicating my soul to Satan (11/12/12) was the single wisest decision I’ve ever made and He continues to grace me and fulfill me in His ever truthful presence in my life.

  13. At the time of Mohammed, the Arabs had been the custom that when a girl that age is 9 lunar years, can reach to marry. This is for boys in the age of fifteen, and in this connection has not Muhammad wrong. But the clergy, all great things in Islam are spurious.
    Children and divorce in Islam is the right man or woman’s husband and Women have no rights except the dowry (money).There is no doubt that women in Islam have been closed.
    For example, a mother kills her son be executed.
    But a father kill his son, the government has no business with him and he is free. Because Islam is all yours man.

  14. Islam & Christianity share a common jewish orgin, athiesm & paganism lack the spirituality required to fight this alien semetic doctrine.

    Satanism is the key!


  15. Persia was once such a beautiful place and a rich culture; just look at all they have been through. Hopefully good times will be coming. Iran the land of the Aryans.

  16. hinduism and buddhism are th only religions I think is real because they deal with spiritual and not with BS

  17. i swear Christianity and Islam BOTH have to fucking to – too much brainwashing and politics involved!

  18. I agree compleatly with this site, Islam is a trecherous and evil program that needs to be destroyed along with it’s counterparts Judaism and Christianity!
    Hail Satan!

  19. The vice-principal of Don Bosco School in Pune (INDIA) has been arrested on charges of molesting a Std X student, the police said on Tuesday. Father Egidius Falcao was subsequently remanded in police custody till January 25.

    According to the complaint, the incident took place in Falcao’s office on January 2. The student told the police that Falcao also attempted to rape her after molesting her. “However, she screamed and ran out of his office,” said Sub Inspector Reshma Mulani of Yerwada police station.

    The police said the students had gathered in the school church for prayer on the New Year’s eve. After prayers Falcao allegedly asked the victim her to meet him after school the next day. As she went to Falcao’s office on January 2, he allegedly bolted the door from inside and allegedly molested her.

    The girl rushed towards the door but Falcao prevented her from going out and molested her again. The complaint goes on to say that the girl screamed for help and managed to open the door in her second attempt.

    The girl, after reaching home, narrated the incident to her mother. The girl said she was scared to go to school after the alleged incident for the next 16 days. Eventually her mother decided to approach the police and lodge a complaint. The complainant lost her father in 2008 and lives with her her mother and younger brother in Navi Khadki area

  20. Ancient Paganism if thats what u meant is Spiritual Satanism.

  21. I think not only should Islam should be eradicated as well as Christianity . I think they are both very evil .

  22. the most sad thing is who benefits from all these, Gentiles? Hardly..

  23. satanschosen Says:

    only through satan can we open our eyes and be free. stop being slaves to outrageous lies like islam and (worse) christianity

    • Blackdog666 Says:

      I don’t often go and talk with xtians or muslims, but when I do, I always bring copies of “World History For Dummies, The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Logic,” as well as the story of “The Three Little Pigs” for inspiration.

  24. I totally agree with Maxine. Islam and Christianity are both mind-control programs cleverly developed to fool and enslave the whole population of this planet. A majority of these ‘sheep’ have already been dangerously sneered in its trap. Many are finding it to fight back from these two aggressive movements. Thankfully, true Satanists are the only people who can see through the years and years of decite and misery Islam and Christianity have brought to mindkind.

  25. arenpendragon Says:

    if it’s possible i want to have your email ,i have some questions and i want to ask them in private please contact me through my email

  26. Mirnes Senrim Says:

    I found this site a few days ago … I am also born in the Islamic religion, but I have not found more lies and hatred as Islam …. My friend is true of faithful and regularly praying to their god, but he has so much hatred towards people of other religions, he hates everything that is not Islam, and he wants all of them die because he says that’s what it says in the Koran ….. he condemns me because I do not pray to his god like him …. I am a free man, I have freedom given to us by Satan, …… my religion is satanism and my way is the way of Satan, the father

  27. Islam is the greatest lie ever. The energy is drained from the people and put into the program n that energy is used to bring more sheeps to the slaughter. Islam is now trembling and falling into pieces. Keep up ur workings SS. I am proud to be working on Satan’s side. Not only of myself, but I feel proud on everyone, who fights on the side of Satan.

  28. lookitsyou Says:

    Satanism is a made up religion, taken from a 6,000 year old bible made up after 2,000 year old tales. closely resembles an old wives tale.

    • Perhaps you should conduct your own research, before jumping to such a conclusion. Satanism IS NOT a christian invention, it is NOT based on the christian bible and it in no way recognizes christianity, islam or any of the related Judaic “religions”. It is Ancient Paganism, humanities original Religion. The lie of christianity is based on material stolen from Ancient Pagan sacred Texts, and our Pagan Gods were branded as “Demons”.

  29. Tennis nyenje Says:

    That true because most of muslims they are follow things which they dont know their meanings

  30. Recently I’ve noticed a few things about this so-called religion, Islam.
    I want to begin with Kaaba. It is obviously a tool of the enemy’s, if you ask me, it has been built to absorb energy from the people. The cube has been built with a stone that came from “heavens”(ET origin- YHWH aka Allah is of the greys btw-), and it has been built upon one of the telluric current lines. In case you dont know what are the telluric currents: “There are things called the telluric currents. Those are the “naturally” produced EM currents circulating within the earth. They are based on the absorption of energy from space, our spin and geometry, dispersion of material, and the path of least resistance.” (quoted from the link I provided below)
    For example, you can amplify your power for magical workings using those currents. And, I’m assuming that the encircling of that cube, in anti-clockwise direction is related to that because the Earth’s orbit, other planets’orbits in the solar system, are anti-clockwise. Not just that, im quoting again, “All objects in the universe, atoms, moon, stars, electrical current, galaxies, etc. are rotating in the same way”

    The word Kaaba itself is not even Arabian, but have Sumerian origins, and Ka’aba in Sumerian is being translated as gate of the father, or gate of divine beings- this part is from this website which I recommend you to check out
    Also, this:
    “The number of idols in the Ka’aba is invariably given as 360, which is suggestive of a Gnostic influence to say the least, if not a Sumerian and Babylonian influence, for 360 is a number derived from Sumerian mythology…That the seven circuits around the Ka’aba are representative of the seven Gates and the seven stages of the Sumerian ziggurats is confirmed by the simple fact that all of these result in communion with ineffable forces and bring the aspirant into contact with the Divine.”

    I think it is clear that the cube has, as the “religion” itself, has ET origins as well.
    It absorbs energy, and possibly storing it, which reminds me of Greys harvesting human souls, and feeding of human energies. Not so surprisingly, in Quran, the “God” calls this cube “my home”, which, makes me consider the possibility of the cube might be some sort of a powerhouse of these annoying creatures- parasite greys. By the way, the Islamic prayer’s purpose could be directing energy to this powerhouse-kind of a thing. 5 times a day- as you mentioned in your website ( when energy work is the most powerful, this prayer is being performed. Think about the energy one creates and directs, I don’t think those positions are not stolen from yoga for no reason.

    Because of the telluric currents, it might be possible for the cube to effect Earth’s magnetic fields as well, and surely, not in the best way. I’ve even considered performing a group ritual against this thing, to at least protect the Earth from being damaged from the cube’s negative effects. Our planet is sacred, and we should cleanse it of the enemy.

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