The Kaaba originally a PAGAN Temple!!!

The Kaaba is supposedly the centre of all religious importance in islam, their most sacred site, being the focus of the most sacred “islamic pilgrimiage”. How surprising, then, that this is actually in fact a PAGAN Temple built originally for the worship of Pagan Gods.
It was said that the walls of the Kaaba were originally engraved with names and symbols of various Pagan Gods, including the God known by the title “AlÍlah”, who was the Mesopotamian Moon God Sin aka Nanna. His symbol was the crescent Moon and Star:

It is very clear where islam stole their “god” Allah from. In the Ancient Middle East, the title of “Al-Ilah” was bestowed upon the chief God of an area or tribe, and simply meant the supreme Deity. Lifting this, islam corrupted the concept and removed all Knowledge of the Pagan Gods, replacing it with their fictitious abrahamic spook. For more information on this in particular, see:
Much of this is actually Allegorical, and has to do with Power Meditation and the Soul. The “Temple” represents the Soul. The designs of many Ancient Pagan Temples throughout the world were highly Alchemical in their designs, often being a physical representation of the Spiritual process of Enlightenment. The Kaaba is a cube shape. The cube represents the Soul, with its Four Pillars. So engarved upon the cube being the Names and Symbols of the Gods, means Meditation upon the Soul in order to achieve Enlightenment. One only needs to study Sacred Geometry and Alchemical Architecture to see this.
Now, it is also stated in the quran that Muhammad discovered 360 Pagan idols within the Kaaba, which he proceeded to destroy. Again, this is highly Allegorical. From a numerological perspective, 360 adds up to the very important Occult number 9. 3+6+0= 9. 9 Is an important number Spiritually as it ties into the Magnum Opus or Spiritual Enlightenment. The all important 108, used most frequently in Meditation throughout the world and most notably in the Eastern Tantric Traditions, also adds up to 9. This has to do with the 7 Major Chakras along the Spine, plus the 2 Chakras located at the shoulders, which forms the “Cross” of the Soul. See:–stolen-spiritual-allegories-in-the-quran.html

So, the “360” idols which were found within the Kaaba did not refer to literal statues, but rather to a Spiritual concept relating to the Soul, the Chakras and the attainment of Enlightenment. The idols within the Kaaba= the Soul and the Chakras. It was this Pagan sacred Knowledge that was destroyed by Muhammad.

The following is an excerpt from a sermon written by High Priest Don Danko, titled “AUM Cosmology, Siva And The Kabaa”. This further illustrates the Pagan origins of the Kaaba

We can see in Mecca the Islamic’s holiest site of the Kaaba is originally a Siva Temple. As Danielou points out Mecca was created by Brahmana’s from India. Even the 786 in Arabic, symbol on the cover of the Koran is a reigned AUM symbol. In Sri Lanka there is a Temple called Kabaa-lishwaran and is Lord Siva. Meaning its an alchemical diagram [as all the temples are] to the great work. Such temples also have the black stone or Siva Lingam within them. The same as the black stone at the kabaa in Mecca which was once a larger Lingam stone before being cut into its current shape to hide its origin.
In India they still go seven times around the Lingam. In Mecca they go seven times around the same. But Islam changed the direction of movement into the opposite. They still wear the white garments as in the Siva Temples.
In India the pedestal of Brahma [originally another title of Siva in Indus Valley/ Vedic times as Danielou shows] Is octagonal in shape which represents the perfected soul the eight rays of light from the solar charka of which union the six pointed star of Siva represents at the navel region where the point down chakra merges with the point up of the sacral, one water the other fire. Hence Si [fire] Va [water]. And why the Blue God is shown in the solar chakra in many yantra’s.

The pedestal at the center of the Kabaa: Maqam E-IBRAHIM is the same octagonal shape. Its at the center because the sun is the center of the soul and solar system.

With the Kabaa the black cube represents the La the four elements that form into the material body being purified in the Tamos or black stage of the work into the Satva guna or White. Siva rules over this stage as well [as the other two of which the trine prongs on its trident denote]. As this destruction or dissolution stage brings Liberation of the Godhead. Where the tantra’s state the Jiva is turned into Siva. Or man into Godman.

The false or profane ego is that of the gross elements and there conditioned accumulation of karmic properties. That is purified in the final dissolution. To the new or super conscious state [Jiva into Siva]. This has been symbolized in many different ways.

In the Sayar-ul-okul . Which is considered the most important anthology written on the customs and culture of ancient Arabia. It states:
“Va Ahlolaha Azaha Armiman Mahadev o Manazel I lamuddine Minjum Va Satyattaru!”
Which translates to:
“Even if once only he worships Mahadev. He can obtain the highest position in the path of righteousness.”
Mahadev is a major title of Siva. And one will see the truth Siva was the God worshipped in Arabia before Islam was created by the enemy.

We can see Islam along with Christianity is a fake religion” – High Priest Don Danko

The Kaaba, black stone and the pilgrimage are all of Pagan origin. Islam stole this, like it stole everything else, before corrupting and twisting it. Islam is a LIE and a hoax!!

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