Iblis and the Djinn: The Original Gods!

There is a lot of reference made in the qur’an to Iblis and the Djinn, Iblis being the Arabic name for Satan and Djinn being the Arabic term for Demons.

The Djinn, according to the qur’an, are powerful beings who possess free will, unlike “angels” who are said to have no free will what so ever, but remain simply in the service of “Allah”. This tells us a lot about islam, and what it teaches its followers to look and live up to.  Power and independence are frowned upon, where as total lack of thought, total dependence and mindless slavery are put forwards as positive attributes. This, again, takes us back to islam being a doctrine of submission and slavery.

It is interesting to note that the qur’an states that the Djinn and Humans are the only beings who possess free will, linking the Djinn and Humans together and emphasizing the foreign qualities of the so-called “god” Allah and his mindless angelic robots. Islam works continuously to eradicate the free will of its followers, separating them from the Djinn, who are in fact the original Gods, the Gods that were worshipped by the Pagans of the Middle East before the invasion of islam. Islam does everything in its power to separate the people from their True and original Gods.

Iblis and the Djinn are portrayed in the qur’an in the same way that Satan and the Demons are portrayed in the christian bible. There is the same myth of Iblis “rebelling” and being “cast out”. This is yet another link between islam and christianity, and again, it serves exactly the same purpose in islam as it does in christianity. The islamic “god” Allah is False. It is the same as the christian god, as the jewish god, nothing more than a Thought form and a collective term for the enemy. For those who are unaware of this, visit the site http://www.exposingchristianity.com. This is exactly the same in islam, the only difference is in the name they use to refer to this thought form.

The truth is that Iblis is the True and Original God. The purpose of islam is and always has been to suppress the original Pagan religion of the Gentile people and keep the Gentiles as far away as possible from their True Gods, by falsely labelling them as “evil” and fooling the Gentile people into fearing and blaspheming them. Stories such as the one above about rebellion only serve the purpose of making it appear as though the one known as Iblis is under the power of “Allah”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The only time Iblis rebelled was when he rebelled against the enemy who wished for Humanity, his creation, to be destroyed. He wanted for humanity to have power and knowledge, and for this he was rejected and cursed by the enemy who rather wished for humanity to be destroyed once we had served our purpose.

Iblis is NOT “the evil one”! It is Allah who is the true evil one, and the one who brings death and darkness to the world. Allah is the bringer of ignorance and enslavement, as can be seen by the program of islam itself, and Allah is the one who wishes for the destruction of humanity while it is Iblis who wishes for Humanity to be liberated and Empowered. Humanity has been outwardly LIED TO and our True and Original God has been horrendously blasphemed!

Stories of the Djinn being under the control of “Allah” are nothing more than lies designed to make it appear as though Allah has power. The Djinn were never creations of Allah, this is nothing more than a blasphemy. As I said before, they were the original Pagan Gods, thousands upon thousands of years before the arrival of islam, program of slavery.

Here is a quote from the qur’an that proves the Djinn are the original Gods, worshipped by the peoples of Pagan Arabia:
“One day he will gather them all together: then shall he say to the angels, Did these worship you? They shall say, Glory be to thee! Thou art our master, not these! But they worshipped the Djinn: It was in them that most of them believed.” The “these” that are being referred to here are the Pagans.

The name “Allah” itself was in fact STOLEN from Paganism. It was taken from the Pagan Arabian title of supreme God, Al-Ilah. This title was often used among the Pagan Tribes of Arabia to distinguish their principle God from the other Gods which they worshipped. It is obvious that islam stole this, like it stole everything else that it has, from Ancient Paganism.
There are three other important Pagan Gods that are mentioned in the qur’an and who have come to be labelled as Djinn. One of them is Al-Uzza, the Arabian Goddess of Venus as well as War and Fertility. Her sacred animal was the Lion or a large Cat. Her statue was one of those found in the Ka’aba, originally an important Pagan Temple, and was destroyed by muslim invaders. Another is Al-Lat, who is also a Goddess of Fertility and a Goddess of Spring time. Her symbol was a crescent Moon, also stolen by islam. The other is Al-Manat, Goddess of fate, destruction and death.

These three Goddesses were lifted by islam into the qur’an and some believed them to be daughters of Allah, however, this is only the result of the fact that this was lifted, i.e. stolen, directly from the Pagan doctrines. In pre-islamic Arabia, these Goddesses were the daughters of one of the principle Pagan Gods identified with the title Al-Ilah who some believe to be the God Sin. The fictitious muslim entity never even came into the picture. They are made to appear “evil” in the qur’an, convincing people to reject and blaspheme them. Because these three Goddesses were exceptionally important in Pagan Arabia, they had to be acknowledged by islam in an attempt to remove them entirely. The people would not have given up worship of these Goddesses if it was not enforced upon them. The program of islam worked to falsely make them appear evil, thus frightening People away from them as a way of removing them. They were never under the power of Allah, and were worshipped and revered throughout Pagan Arabia.

The Djinn are also the 72 Goetic Demons! Al-Uzza can be identified with Astaroth. The qur’an dedicates an entire Surah to the Djinn, but it is the number of this Surah that is so interesting. Surah 72 is called “Al-Djinn”. The number 72 is always associated with the Djinn/Demons. 7+2=9. Nine is the number of the major Chakras which make up the Equal Armed Cross of the Soul, and therefore can be seen as a number of great power. 9 has always been an exceptionally important Pagan/Satanic number. This is out right admitting that it is the Djinn who hold true power and true knowledge, and it is through the Djinn that humanity can work towards perfection and become as Gods.

Whereas this surah is nothing but a blasphemy and only attempts to make it appear as though the Djinn are controlled by the fictitious Allah, which is a lie!, It is none the less eye opening considering the fact the Djinn are associated with the number 72.  This lie of the Djinn being under the power of Allah also is relating to the fact that the Djinn/Demons, our Original Gods,  were bound by the jewish “sorcerers” and their programs of lies, islam being one of them. They have, however, been unbound!

The qur’an shares the story of Solomon/Sulayman where it states the Djinn were under the power of this fictitious jewish mage. This is also where the stories of the “Genies” who were contained in magic lamps comes from. It was promoted by jews that these Genies/Djinn could be “commanded” to grant the one who called them up any wish, and this led to much ritual abuse on the part of ignorant people. This is an extreme blasphemy to Our Gods and a slap in the face to our Gentile People, as well as it is a blatant Spiritual corruption. The Joy of Satan has already explained this, http://www.freewebs.com/666moon/index.htm see the True Meaning of 666. The islamic traditions also claimed that the Djinn would be “bound” forever, yet this has proven incorrect, as they are now totally free. Yet another of their so-called “prophecies” falling flat. http://www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/ABOUT.html

Another interesting thing is that the qur’an states that the Djinn are of the Element of Fire. Fire is the powerful element of the will, of desire, passion, creation and strength. Even in the qur’an which is a lie, one can see that it is the Djinn who are the True, powerful Gods.

Iblis/Satan and the Djinn/Demons are the Original Gods, Iblis being the True Creator God of humanity! He was also known as Enki in Ancient Sumeria, Ptah in Ancient Egypt, Ea in Babylon, Melek Taus to the Yezidi’s and many more. The Gentile People have been fooled into blaspheming Him and this is extremely sad. People need to wake up and see the Truth!


Islam works in every way it can to suppress this and keep people ignorant and powerless. The so-called “Allah” is a fictitious LIE.

Much more information can be found on the Joy of Satan website, by High Priestess Maxine Dietrich. http://www.joyofsatan.org

Hail Iblis/Satan, the Original and True God!!


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