“ISIS” and related terroroist groups created and run by jews!

The terrorist group known as “ISIS” has been making headlines lately, however, very few are aware of the truth concerning this malignant organization- namely that it is nothing more than a false front and an organized program of destruction of the Gentile People.

The program of islam itself is a jewish run front aimed at enslaving the Gentile People of the East- as can be seen in the following articles:
This article will set out to prove that “ISIS” is yet another lie with the purpose of turning the Gentiles of the Western World against the Gentiles of the East.

Why (really) the use of the name of an Egyptian Goddess?

“ISIS” supposedly stands for “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria”. At least this is the outward front they portray. On the other hand, there is a powerful subconscious link that the creators of this program are taking advantage of. As has been stated by many who can see through this front, WHY WOULD ARABS USE AN ENGLISH ACRONYM? Right off the bat it makes no sense, and this is the first alarm bell signaling that “ISIS” is not Arab in origin.

When further research is done, it becomes apparent that the “ISIS” acronym has in fact long been used by the mossad, the israeli secret intelligence group, and has now been recycled in order to name the jewish run terrorist group. Look at this:



The Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.
The First letter of each word in the title, spells out ISIS, and this group has been known as ISIS for short since its conception. It is in fact the jews who have long been using the name Isis for their terrorist groups.

So, why is this?

The original religion of Humanity (the Gentile People) is that of Ancient Paganism. Please see the following links for further information regarding this: https://exposingthelieofislam.wordpress.com/iblis-and-the-djinn-the-original-gods/ https://exposingthelieofislam.wordpress.com/islamic-symbols-stolen-from-ancient-paganism-4/ https://exposingthelieofislam.wordpress.com/judaism-christianity-and-islam-the-false-trinity-fighting-amongst-these-programs-is-all-a-facade/ http://see_the_truth.webs.com/

Due to the powerful subconscious ties which we as Gentiles have to our original Pagan roots, it was impossible for the enemy to completely eradicate Paganism altogether. Thus, instead they stole everything, from our Spiritual Allegories to our sacred practices, Temples, the names and titles of our Gods, etc, before twisting them, corrupting them by replacing them with their jewish filth and then turning them against us as tools of enslavement. These ties which we still have also allow the enemy to tap into the subconscious of our Gentile People, drawing from this powerful energy and using it for themselves. They know just how to take advantage of this. Essentially, they have not only STOLEN everything from us, but then proceeded to use what they stole against us. This is common practice throughout the enemy programs of both christianity and islam.

The use of the name ISIS, aside from being an acronym, is another example of this. As most people know, Isis is the name of a powerful Egyptian Goddess. Isis also goes by the names of Inanna, Ishtar, Ostara, Astarte, Aphrodite, Al-Uzza, ASTAROTH etc. Isis is an Ancient Goddess who goes back to the very beginnings of humanity, having been at our side since our birth. As a Goddess of fertility, motherhood, springtime, war, beauty, the divine feminine aspect of the Soul, sexual and romantic love and other very powerful aspects of our lives, the memory of her is imprinted deep within our subconscious.

The enemy has used this name in order to tap into a great deal of powerful subconscious energy which they have been attempting to use against us. At the same time, it is a blasphemy and slap in the face to this Ancient Goddess. The fact that they have used this name for their “acronym” is no coincidence.



What is the true purpose of “ISIS”?

Everyone knows what “ISIS” says their purpose is- to establish an islamic state. (Please keep in mind that islam is merely another jewish program. See the above given links.) However, their true purpose runs far deeper than this and involves a great deal of playing both sides against the middle.

Playing both sides against the middle= “To manipulate opponents or competitors in a manner which benefits the manipulator.” In other words, controlling two groups in order to use them against each other or to create an illusion which works in the manipulators favor. The main point is, there is a sole manipulator who has control over both sides, unbeknownst to others. The jews have used this tactic since the beginning of time.

How it ties into this article- they control both the “ISIS” terrorist group as well as the supposed opposition to it. The aim is to make it appear as though they are fighting against a foreign enemy terrorist to those who are otherwise ignorant. In all actuality, it is a giant illusion. There is no foreign enemy terrorist. There is only their false front which is merely a branch of themselves.

What have they done? They have blamed the creation and actions of this terrorist group on GENTILE Arabs, turning the attention of the world away from themselves and onto another group. This is convenient for them as it stirs up hatred and anger amongst our Gentile People, instead of directing this hatred and anger against the real enemy. Whilst we fight amongst ourselves, they are free to carry on as they please. Their aim is to destroy us from within. Why get their hands dirty and kill us themselves when they can convince us to do the job for them? It is so much easier this way. They want us to do their dirty work by creating hatred and animosity amongst us. This will give them the perfect opportunity to move in to destroy us WITH OUR SUPPORT and with our soldiers blindly carrying it out. Their job is made easy.

90% of the Western World is screaming “fight the Arabs” because they have been duped into believing the terrorist attacks are Arab in origin, whilst the jews are then standing up and gleefully responding “well we will help you. Better yet, support us, join our army and we will go to war against them together and destroy them once and for all”. So, you have Gentiles routing for the destruction of fellow Gentiles while the jews laugh at their achievement. It is a sad state of affairs, to say the very least.

There is another core purpose to the creation of “ISIS”. That is to gain support for israels war against the Gentile inhabitants of the Middle East, so they may take over the land with ease. They have long been invading Palestine and the Gaza strip, forcing our Eastern Gentile counterparts our of their homes and off of the land they have worked for centuries. Land which rightfully belongs to them as the original GENTILE inhabitants.

It is all propaganda.

Here is an interesting quote from an ex US security agent: “The only solution for the protection of the Jewish state “is to create an enemy near its borders”. Rather, the illusion of an enemy. http://www.globalresearch.ca/isis-leader-abu-bakr-al-baghdadi-trained-by-israeli-mossad-nsa-documents-reveal/5391593

Leaders at the top of “ISIS” all jewish by blood

It may or may not come as a shock to some that the founder of “ISIS” is in fact an israeli citizen, having jewish parents and ancestry and operating within the jewish “mossad”. Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is in fact israeli citizen and undercover mossad agent Simon Elliot. There is literally a ton of proof for this if one does the necessary research, despite the fact that is has been vehemently suppressed in the mainstream media.


*Note- the above given link supports the program of islam. In order to be fully aware and to completely break free of the trap in which the jews have placed you, you need to understand that islam itself is merely another jewish smoke screen. Yet another program of destruction for our Gentile People. Please read the entire contents of the exposing islam site.

As well as Simon Elliot, there are a multitude of other “ISIS” agents and those involved in related jewish run terrorist groups whose real names prove they are of jewish descent. “Adam Gadahn” is in reality Adam Pearlman, a member of the ADL. His jewish descent has been well documented. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia: “Gadahn’s jewish paternal grandfather, Carl Pearlman, was a prominent urologist; and on the Board of Directors of the Anti-Defamation League. According to Gadahn, his grandfather was a “zealous supporter” of israel.” There are many more examples like these. The video I am going to link below is very interesting in proving that “ISIS” is run by jews. Once again, this video contains corrupted information. Watch it carefully and use your judgment.


There is far more evidence to support this if you do your research.

So this begs the question, why are all of the leaders of a supposedly Arab terrorist group in fact jewish by blood? The answer is- this is not an Arab run terrorist organization at all- but a jewish illusion aimed at encouraging the destruction of the Gentile People. There is no doubting that it is the jews who are behind this operation, as they have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar. It is THEIR agents who created it, THEIR agents who run it, THEIR agents who promote the idea of it and THEIR agents who pretend to oppose it. It is all them from start to finish.

This link also mentions how the ADL took control of the American neo-Nazi movements, running them into the ground.

Here is another link to consider: http://wideawakegentile.wordpress.com/2014/03/19/adam-pearlman-head-joo-of-the-almossciada/

*Note- they speak of “converting from judaism to islam”. This, in all reality, is really impossible as judaism and islam are one and the same at the very core. Use your sense to see through the illusion!! In closing, it is quite apparent that these terrorist organizations are smoke screens used to turn Gentiles against Gentiles and promote jewish supremacy.

Gentiles wake up!!


The following is a very informative article written by High Priest Mageson. It contains a great deal of information on the islamic state. Please read carefully.


“Islamic State did largely come out of the Syria conflict and its this conflict that allowed them to rise to where they are now. The majority of the rebel groups fighting in Syria are proxies of Washington, Israel and the Saudi’s the trinity of Jewish power. The rebels are mainly foreign fighters and are trained in Jordan and moved across the boarder. Israel has been aiding the rebel proxy forces giving the camps, hospitals in the Golan Heights and arming them. As well as air strikes against Syria forces with their air force. Back in spring of 13 Israel used a small grade, tactical jewculur weapon on Damascus. As part of this effort.

The jooz neocohen’s or neocon’s. Set a purposeful policy for Iraq that did everything possible to create a corrupt, backwards and weak new Iraq and push it into destabilized state. The polices had people pull their hair out in be wonderment. It was not incompetence it was purposeful. The plan for Iraq was its permanent dissolution as a Nation from the start. The Jews didn’t put all that effort into getting two wars against Iraq to rebuild it into a powerful nation that could turn on them. Of course they played a lot of trash talk about liberating Iraq and restricting and rebuilding it. Its all nonsense. Part of this was to put a Shia dominate, corrupt government into power that repressed the Sunni’s ever further. This was crucial to the current situation and Islamic State rise to power. This is also a Sunni liberation movement now.

The national lines of Syria and Iraq are also artificial they where created by the British after taking the region from the Ottomans. They never cared to factor in tribal and ethnic regions. Iraq was always Sunni, Shia and Kurds and they never liked each other. So put in a decade of major destabilization, ethnic hostilities and meddling by the Jew controlled Western powers such as proxy wars in Syria and Libya. Its only a matter of time before something like Islamic State happened.

Islamic State is taking on the major organized enemies of Israel in the Middle East. The Shia population. Assad is Shia so is his allies the Party of God in Lebanon that has defeated Israel twice and so is Tehran. Islamic State’s mission is to wipe out the entire Shia world. The Jews also want Baathism gone. Its the one ideology that was the realization for creating modern united Arab Nation States that are in the way of Israel. Syria is the last Baathist state left. Libya was also a modernized, progressive state. I read the Green Book of Gaddafi it was a well done book that outlined the social, economic and political paradigm of Libya. I wrote an article in the past on Libya and why the Jews destroyed it. Gaddafi was a good man and moral leader who risked his life to raise his people out of a literal darkage into a new society that was near utopian. He didn’t deserve to die the way he did. Thousands of his people died fighting for this Libya against the Jewish proxies who have destroyed the country and put it into barbarianism. Which is the plan for Syria.

Islamic State also seems to benefit Israel by destroying Iraq and dividing it into a state where Sunni’s, Kurds and Shia will be in constant war. Baghdad was getting too close to Tehran anyway. Its my opinion Islamic State was as stated to be in the last phases of becoming a standing Army and creating a State that will stand. This will put the Middle East into decades of nonstop war within the Islamic world. Of course the Jews might want to help this out by funding and arms. It brings about what they wanted. Islamic State also gives them a propaganda without end and a excuse for further Western military intervention which is the new rhetoric coming out of Washington. Also think false flags like 911. They could pull another one and them blame Islamic State at anytime they want.

So if Islamic State is not created by Israel it benefits Israel’s agenda.

But it might be the bringing of the end. Its my musing that the situation in Iraq has pushed Baghdad into the arms of Tehran as they need their fellow Shia nation to defend south Iraq which is Shia from Islamic State. Tehran has already sent troops. If Islamic State gets powerful enough and Assad’s Syria is going down and this will result in massive ethnic cleansing of Shia and other non Sunni populations. And leave the Party of God alone between a radical Sunni Caliphate and the Sunni radical’s in Lebanon. Which is only a matter of time for them. And this would leave Tehran isolated and tip the balance of power they seem to need to kept Israel thus Western aggression in check against them. Which means Tehran would be finished. By a collection of the economic sanctions on them and constant warfare with Islamic State which would by this point by a large standing Army of fanatics with never ending Jihad on their mind. Who have sworn to conqueror Iran as well. Think of how bloody the Iraq-Iran war was. That war was Judeo West using Iraq as a proxy against Iran. What would another round with Islamic State be like. The previous war is still strong in the popular consciousness of Iranians. It was devastating.

Perhaps looking at the possible end and near extinction event of the Shia world. Maybe Damascus, Tehran and the Party of God might just decide to unleash everything they have on Saudi Arabia and Israel the two major bases of the war against them in the Middle East. I believe the situation in the Middle East might have finally gone into point of no return. If this happens Israel will use its Sampson option as well maybe not just at Middle Eastern targets but as their leaders brag European targets as well. The Jews are already abandoning Europe on mass. Their already criminally insane leadership might view the end of Israel as the final end and decided to scorched earth policy on the hated Goyim in general.

The big factor is the Abrahamic world all believe there has to be global war in this region to bring about the end of the world and the return of their god. The power of the collective unconscious of hundreds of millions of people the psychic energy of centuries poured into this and the amount of people tried into this program in the highest levels of control and international power might bring this into reality.



John McCain, Conductor of the “Arab Spring” and the Caliph

by Thierry Meyssan

Everyone has noticed the contradiction of those who recently characterized the Islamic Emirate as “freedom fighters” in Syria and who are indignant today faced with its abuses in Iraq. But if that speech is incoherent in itself, it makes perfect sense in the strategic plan: the same individuals were to be presented as allies yesterday and must be as enemies today, even if they are still on orders from Washington. Thierry Meyssan reveals below US policy through the particular case of Senator John McCain, conductor of the “Arab Spring” and longtime partner of Caliph Ibrahim.

Voltaire Network | Damascus (Syria) | 18 August 2014
italiano Português Türkçe Deutsch فارسى Español français polski русский ελληνικά

kbAre Barack Obama and John McCain political opponents as they claim, or are they working together on the imperialist strategy of their country?
John McCain is known as the leader of the Republicans and unhappy 2008 US presidential candidate. This is, we will see, only the real part of his biography, which serves as a cover to conduct covert actions on behalf of his government.

When I was in Libya during the “Western”attack, I was able to view a report of the foreign intelligence services. It stated that, on February 4, 2011 in Cairo, NATO organized a meeting to launch the “Arab Spring” in Libya and Syria. According to this document, the meeting was chaired by John McCain. The report detailed the list of Libyan participants, whose delegation was led by the No. 2 man of the government of the day, Mahmoud Jibril, who abruptly switched sides at the entrance of the meeting to become the opposition leader in exile. I remember that, among the French delegates present, the report quoted Bernard-Henry Lévy, although officially he had never exercised functions within the French government. Many other personalities attended the symposium, including a large delegation of Syrians living abroad.

Emerging from the meeting, the mysterious Syrian Revolution 2011 Facebook account called for demonstrations outside the People’s Council (National Assembly) in Damascus on February 11. Although this Facebook account at the time claimed to have more than 40,000 followers, only a dozen people responded to its call before the flashes of photographers and hundreds of police. The demonstration dispersed peacefully and clashes only began more than a month later in Deraa. [1]

On February 16, 2011, a demonstration underway in Benghazi, in memory of members of the Islamic Fighting Group in Libya [2] massacred in 1996 in the Abu Selim prison, degenerated into shooting. The next day, a second event, this time in memory of those who died by attacking the Danish consulate during the Muhammad cartoons affair, also degenerated into shooting. At the same time, members of the Islamic Fighting Group in Libya ,coming from Egypt and coordinated by unidentified, hooded individuals, simultaneously attacked four military bases in four different cities. After three days of fighting and atrocities, the rebels launched the uprising of Cyrenaica against Tripolitania [3]; a terrorist attack that the western press falsely presented as a “democratic revolution” against “the regime” of Muammar el-Qaddafi.

On February 22nd, John McCain was in Lebanon. He met members of the Future Movement (the party of Saad Hariri) whom he charged to oversee the transfer of arms to Syria around the MP Okab Sakr [4]. Then, leaving Beirut, he inspected the Syrian border and the selected villages including Ersal, which were used as a basis to back mercenaries in the war to come.

The meetings chaired by John McCain were clearly the trigger point for a long-prepared Washington plan; the plan that would have the UK and France attack Libya and Syria simultaneously, following the doctrine of “leadership from behind” and the annex of the Treaty of Lancaster House of November 2010. [5]

The Illegal Trip to Syria, April 2013

In May 2013, Senator John McCain made his way illegally to near Idleb in Syria via Turkey to meet with leaders of the “armed opposition”. His trip was not made public until his return to Washington. [6]

This movement was organized by the Syrian Emergency Task Force, which, contrary to its title, is a Zionist Organization led by a Palestinian employee of AIPAC [7]

kbJohn McCain in Syria. In the foreground at right is the director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force. In the doorway, center, Mohammad Nour.
In photographs released at that time, one noticed the presence of Mohammad Nour, a spokesman for the Northern Storm Brigade (of the Al-Nosra Front, that is to say, al-Qaeda in Syria), who kidnapped and held 11 Lebanese Shiite pilgrims in Azaz. [8] Asked about his proximity to al-Qaeda kidnappers, the Senator claimed not to know Mohammad Nour who would have invited himself into this photo.

The affair made a great noise and the families of the abducted pilgrims lodged a complaint before the Lebanese judiciary against Senator McCain for complicity in kidnapping. Ultimately, an agreement was reached and the pilgrims were released.

Let’s suppose that Senator McCain had told the truth and that he was abused by Mohammad Nour. The object of his illegal trip to Syria was to meet the chiefs of staff of the Free Syrian Army. According to him, the organization was composed “exclusively of Syrians” fighting for “their freedom” against the “Alouite dictatorship” (sic). The tour organizers published this photograph to attest to the meeting.
John McCain and the heads of the Free Syrian Army. In the left foreground, Ibrahim al-Badri, with which the Senator is talking. Next, Brigadier General Salim Idris (with glasses).
If we can see Brigadier General Idriss Salem, head of the Free Syrian Army, one can also see Ibrahim al-Badri (foreground on the left) with whom the senator is talking. Back from the surprise trip, John McCain claimed that all those responsible for the Free Syrian Army were “moderates who can be trusted” (sic).
However, since October 4, 2011, Ibrahim al-Badri (also known as Abu Du’a) was on the list of the five terrorists most wanted by the United States (Rewards for Justice). A premium of up to $ 10 million was offered to anyone who would assist in his capture. [9] The next day, October 5, 2011, Ibrahim al-Badri was included in the list of the Sanctions Committee of the UN as a member of Al Qaeda. [10]

In addition, a month before receiving Senator McCain, Ibrahim al-Badri, known under his nom de guerre as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, created the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ÉIIL) – all the while still belonging to the staff of the very “moderate” Free Syrian Army. He claimed as his own the attack on the Taj and Abu Ghraib prisons in Iraq, from which he helped between 500 and 1,000 jihadists escape who then joined his organization. This attack was coordinated with other almost simultaneous operations in eight other countries. Each time, the escapees joined the jihadist organizations fighting in Syria. This case is so strange that Interpol issued a note and requested the assistance of the 190 member countries. [11]

For my part, I have always said that there was no difference on the ground between the Free Syrian Army, Al-Nosra Front, the Islamic Emirate etc … All these organizations are composed of the same individuals who continuously change flag. When they pose as the Free Syrian Army, they fly the flag of French colonization and speak only of overthrowing the “dog Bashar.” When they say they belong to Al-Nosra Front, they carry the flag of al Qaeda and declare their intention to spread Islam in the world. Finally when they say they are the Islamic Emirate, they brandish the flag of the Caliphate and announce that they will clean the area of all infidels. But whatever the label, they proceed to the same abuses: rape, torture, beheadings, crucifixions.

Yet neither Senator McCain nor his companions of the Syrian Emergency Task Force provided the information in their possession on Ibrahim al-Badri to the State Department, nor have they asked for the reward. Nor have they informed the anti-terrorism Committee of the UN.

In no country in the world, regardless of their political system, would one accept that the opposition leader be in direct contact, and publicly friendly, with a very dangerous wanted terrorist.

Who Then is Senator McCain?

But John McCain is not just the leader of the political opposition to President Obama, he is also one of his senior officials!

He is in fact President of the International Republican Institute (IRI), the republican branch of NED / CIA [12], since January 1993. This so-called “NGO” was officially established by President Ronald Reagan to extend certain activities of the CIA, in connection with the British, Canadian and Australian secret services. Contrary to its claims, it is indeed an inter-governmental agency. Its budget is approved by Congress in a budget line dependent of the Secretary of State.

It is also because it is a joint agency of the Anglo-Saxon secret services that several states in the world prohibit it from any activity on their territory.


Accused of plotting the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak for the Muslim Brotherhood, the two employees of the International Republican Institute (IRI) in Cairo, John Tomlaszewski (second right) and Sam LaHood (son of US-Lebanese, Ray LaHood, a democratic government Transportation Secretary) (second left) took refuge at the embassy of the United States. Here they are along with Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham at the preparatory meeting of the “Arab Spring” in Libya and Syria. They would be released by Brother Mohamed Morsi when he became President.
The list of interventions by John McCain on behalf of the State Department is impressive. He participated in all the color revolutions of the last twenty years.

To take only a few examples, ever in the name of “democracy”, he prepared the failed coup against constitutional president Hugo Chávez in Venezuela, [13] the overthrow of constitutionally elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide in Haiti [14], the attempt to overthrow the constitutional President Mwai Kibaki in Kenya [15] and, more recently, the ousting of the constitutional president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych.

In any state in the world, when a citizen takes initiative to topple the regime of another State, he may be appreciated if successful and the new regime proves an ally, but he will be severely condemned when his initiatives have negative consequences for his own country. Now, Senator McCain never was harassed because of his anti-democratic actions in states where it has failed and who have turned against Washington. In Venezuela, for example. That is because, for the United States, John McCain is not a traitor, but an agent.

And an agent that has the best coverage imaginable: he is the official opponent of Barack Obama. As such, he can travel anywhere in the world (he is the most traveled US senator) and meet whoever he wants without fear. If his interlocutors approve Washington policy, he promised them to continue it, if they fight it, he hands over the responsibility to President Obama.

John McCain is known to have been a prisoner of war in Vietnam for five years, where he was tortured. He was involved in a program designed not to extract information but to instill speech. This was to transform his personality in order that he make statements against his own country. This program, studied based on the Korean experience for the Rand Corporation by Professor Albert D. Biderman, served as the basis for research at Guantánamo and elsewhere by Dr. Martin Seligman [16]. Applied under George W. Bush to more than 80,000 prisoners, it has transformed many of them into real fighters serving Washington. John McCain, who had cracked in Vietnam, therefore understands. He knows how to unscrupulously manipulate jihadists.

What is the US strategy with the jihadists in the Levant?

In 1990, the United States decided to destroy its former Iraqi ally. Having suggested to President Saddam Hussein that they would consider the attack of Kuwait as an Iraqi internal affair, they used this attack as an excuse to mobilize a broad coalition against Iraq. However, because of the opposition of the USSR, they did not overthrow the regime, but were content to administer a no-fly zone.

In 2003, France’s opposition was not enough to offset the influence of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq. The United States attacked the country again and this time overthrew President Hussein. Of course, John McCain was a major contributor to the Committee. After handing to a private company the care of plundering the country for a year [17], they tried to partition Iraq into three separate states, but had to give it up due to the resistance of the population. They tried again in 2007, around the Biden-Brownback resolution, but again failed. [18] Hence the current strategy that attempts to achieve this by means of a non-state actor: the Islamic Emirate.

The operation was planned well in advance, even before the meeting between John McCain and Ibrahim al-Badri. For example, internal correspondence from the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs, published by my friends James and Joanne Moriarty [19], shows that 5,000 jihadis were trained at the expense of Qatar in NATO’s Libya in 2012, and 2,5 million dollars was paid at the same time to the future Caliph.

In January of 2014, the Congress of the United States held a secret meeting at which it voted, in violation of international law, to approve funding for the Al-Nosra Front (Al-Qaeda) and the Islamic emirate in Iraq and the Levant until September 2014. [20] Although it is unclear precisely what was really agreed to during this meeting revealed by the British Reuters news agency [21], and no media US media dared bypass censorship, it is highly probable that the law includes a section on arming and training jihadists.

Proud of this US funding, Saudi Arabia has claimed on its public television channel, Al-Arabiya, that the Islamic Emirate was headed by Prince Abdul Rahman al-Faisal, brother of Prince Saud al Faisal (Foreign Minister) and Prince Turki al-Faisal (Saudi ambassador to the United States and the United Kingdom) [22].

The Islamic Emirate represents a new step in the world of mercenaries. Unlike jihadi groups who fought in Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Chechnya around Osama bin Laden, it does not constitute a residual force but actually an army in itself. Unlike previous groups in Iraq, Libya and Syria, around Prince Bandar bin Sultan, they have sophisticated communication services at their disposal for recruitment and civilian officials trained in large western schools capable of instantly taking over the administration of a territory.

Brand new Ukrainian weapons were purchased by Saudi Arabia and conveyed by the Turkish secret services who gave them to the Islamic Emirate. Final details were coordinated with the Barzani family at a meeting of jihadist groups in Amman on 1 June 2014. [23] The joint attack on Iraq by the Islamic Emirate and the Kurdistan Regional Government began four days later. The Islamic Emirate seized the Sunni part of the country, while the Kurdistan Regional Government increased its territory by over 40%. Fleeing the atrocities of jihadists, religious minorities left the Sunni area, paving the way for the three-way partition of the country.

Violating the Iraqi-US Defense agreement, the Pentagon did not intervene and allowed the Islamic Emirate to continue its conquest and massacres. A month later, while the Kurdish Peshmerga Regional Government had retreated without a fight, and when the emotions of world public opinion became too strong, President Obama gave the order to bomb some positions of the Islamic Emirate. However, according to General William Mayville, director of operations at the headquarters, “These bombings are unlikely to affect the overall capacity of the Islamic Emirate and its activities in other areas of Iraq or Syria “. [24] Obviously, they are not meant to destroy the jihadist army, but only to ensure that each player does not overlap the territory that has been assigned. Moreover, for the moment, they are symbolic and have destroyed only a handful of vehicles. It was ultimately the intervention of the Kurds of the Turkish and Syrian Kurdish PKK which halted the progress of the Islamic Emirate and opened a corridor to allow civilians to escape the massacre.

Much disinformation is circulating about the Islamic Emirate and its caliph. The Gulf Daily News newspaper claimed that Edward Snowden had made revelations about it. [25] However, after verification, the former US spy published nothing about it. Gulf Daily News is published in Bahrain, a state occupied by Saudi troops. The article aims to clear only Saudi Arabia and Prince Abdul Rahman al-Faisal of their responsibilities.

The Islamic Emirate is comparable to the mercenary armies of the European sixteenth century. They were conducting religious wars on behalf of the lords who paid them, sometimes in one camp, sometimes in another. Caliph Ibrahim is a modern condottiere. Although he is under the orders of Prince Abdul Rahman (Member of Sudeiris clan), it would not be surprising if he continued his epic in Saudi Arabia (after a brief detour in Lebanon or Kuwait) and determine the Royal succession favoring the Sudeiris clan over Prince Mithab (son, not brother of King Abdullah).

John McCain and the Caliph

Ibrahim al-Badri, also known as Abu Du’a, also known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, aka Caliph Ibrahim, mercenary of Prince Abdul Rahman al-Faisal, funded by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United States. He can commit all the horrors that are forbidden to states by the Geneva Conventions.
In the latest issue of its magazine, the Islamic Emirate devoted two pages to denounce Senator John McCain as “the enemy” and “double-crosser”, recalling his support for the US invasion of Iraq. Lest this accusation remain unknown in the United States, Senator immediately issued a statement calling the Emirate the “most dangerous Islamist terrorist group in the world” [26].

This controversy is there only to distract the gallery. One would like to believe it … if it were’t for this photograph from May 2013.

Thierry Meyssan

[1] We relayed press reports assuring that the demonstration in Deraa was a protest after the arrest and torture of students who tagged hostile slogans about the Republic. However, many colleagues have attempted to establish the identity of these students and meet their families. None was able to do so, the only witnesses who spoke did so for the British press, but anonymously, thus unverifiably. We are now convinced that this event never existed. The study of Syrian contemporary documents shows that the event was really about an increase in civil servants’ salaries and pensions. It obtained satisfaction from the government. At that point, no newspaper had mentioned these students, this story having been invented by Al-Jazeera two weeks later.

[2] The members of the Islamic Fighting Group in Libya, that is to say, al-Qaeda in Libya, tried to assassinate Muammar el-Qaddafi on behalf of the British MI6. The case was revealed by an officer of British counter-espionage, David Shyler. See “David Shayler:” I left the British secret service when the MI6 decided to fund Osama bin Laden” “, Voltaire Network, 18 November 2005.

[3] Report of the Fact Finding Mission on the current crisis in Libya, June 2011.

[4] “Lebanese MP directing arms traffic to Syria”, Translation Pete Kimberley, Voltaire Network, 13 December 2012.

[5] In this regard, reference is made to my six-part series “10 years of resistance, the war of the United States against Syria.”

[6] “McCain enters Syria illegally”, Voltaire Network, 30 May 2013.

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  1. Vasu Arna Arya Says:

    That is a very great article. Its gonna take quite a large number of years for satanists to get into the top government positions and turn against israel. Please tell me, what are the ways in which you combat judaism except for the spiritual workings?

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