Muhammad- the jewish prophet

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It has already been well established that Muhammad is in fact fictitious. So why be concerned over a fictitious mans racial identity? Because it illustartes a powerful subconscious tool. The ones duped into following the viscious program of islam are Gentiles, and the puppet masters are the jews. The entire program of islam is jewish from its very core, each and every character within it which Gentiles are made to slavishly worship and praise, are jewish. Their beloved “prophet” is jewish. When one attaches themselves to islam and begins worhsipping the islamic “god”, they are essentially worshipping the jews. The “god” of the monotheistic judaic religions is the jews as a collective and their agenda. The huge amounts of enery raised by the worship of blind devotees filters directly into their agenda, reinforcing it. This is the sole reason why the Gentiles enslaved within the judaic “religions” are made to worship jewish characters.

It has been spoken of indepth how those at the top of these programs are adept in the art of Black Magick and Occult secrets, raising and programming energy, etc… Please see the following links for more details:

These links focus on christianity, however, the same applies to islam and the quran. It serves the same purpose. The three “religions” of judaism, christianity and islam are 3 faces of THE SAME program. It is vital that you understand this.

The major point is that getting millions upon millions of Gentile people to slavishly worship and praise a jewish figure such as Muhammad will feed energy into the agenda of those who control these programs. This is the reason behind forcing a jewish prophet upon Gntile people. It does not matter that these figures never existed in historical reality. The concepts of these figures, which have taken on lives of their own after being fed with psychic energy from devout worshippers over the centuries and have actually developed into thoughtforms, are enough to feed the agenda. Exactly the same thing was done in the West with the christian jesus. It has been substantially proven that this character never existed, however, belief in this fictitious entity and constant praise and worship from the blind followers has been enough to give it strength.

I want to add here- something about Energy. Like the above site states, those who are unaware of how the Occult and Spiritual Practices such as raising and programming Eergy work, will be profoundly vulnerable to its effects and can essentially become molding clay in the hands of someone with knowledge. This is why there was a mass removal of Occult/Spiritual Knowledge from the egenral population when the judaic religions spread throughout the world. Destruction of Ancient Schools and Temples, burning of Occult books and entire libraries and mass murder of the elite Pagan Priesthood who carried this Knowledge was standard practice as these religions moved through a particular area. This is historical fact. Look at the destruction of thousands of Ancient European Temples, the burning of the library at Alexandria, etc… They want to keep you blind so that they can continue to manipulate you.

As well as this, someone who is experienced in Energy work and the knowledge of how Energy operates, even psychic mediums who work with Spirits, will understand that traumatic and violent events leave behind huge amounts of Energy. This is due to the powerful emotions and thought output that takes place during the trauma. This Energy remains behind in the area, and is often referred to as “residual Energy”. This is exceptionally powerful and can remain in an area for centuries depending on the severity of the traumatic event that took place. It can also be raised and used by those who have the knowledge to do so. In this sense, it can be stated that causing traumatic events can be a means of raising powerful Energy.

This is exactly what was done by the founders of the judaic programs. The West played host to the horriffic actions of the Inquisition in which millions of Pagan Gentiles were brutally tortured and killed.
The Eastern counterpart was the viscious islamic conquest which too left trails of blood accross the lands that hosted it. A separate article exposing the tragedy of the conquests is coming shortly. For now, suffice it to say that massive amounts of fear and pain related Energy were raised during these horriffic times. This Energy was used as a kind of a “kick start” for these programs as they settled into these areas. Fear is a very powerful tool. These programs masquerading as religions, obviously now referring to the judaic religions, rely heavily on fear. “Obey or burn in Hell for all eternity”, etc… Never underestimate the power of fear.

Now that it is clear how these programs gained their power initially, let us focus on proving that the prophet muhammad was in fact a jewish character enforced upon the Gentile People of the East.

( Dont forget to keep in mind that all of the following characters are FICTITIOUS subliminal tools used to tie believers into a certain energy. As real flesh and blood people they never existed. As tools created for a purpose, they are very real. We will speak of these characters as if they had been literal, in order to prove a point)

First things first, the biggest pointer towards this fact is the descent which muhammad was stated as having claimed. This is mentioned within the quran and many other islamic religious texts. The mother of Muhammad was Aminah, descended from Ishmael of israel. This right here points to muhammad as being of a jewish bloodline. Muhammad is mentioned as being one of the descendents of the jewish Ishmael.

In fact, every ancestor of this “prophet” was taken from the judaic “holy book”. A further example is that of Abraham/Ibrahim= the hebrew father of Ishmael, from whom Muhammad was supposedly descended. According to islamic religious texts, Muhammad referred to himself as a copy of his ancestor Abraham, returned to the Earth to reinstate Abraham’s faith. Now, Abraham’s “faith” is judaism. Islam and christianity are often referreded to as “Abrahamic religions”, which basically means jewish religions.

If Muhammad was supposedly descended from jewish ancestors, it is only natural to say that he would have been jewish by blood, and certainly not a Gentile like the native inhabitants of the area.

As well as ancestry, Muhammad promoted and demanded his followers engage in many jewish religious traditions, such as circumcision, celebrating the jewish holidays like Yom Kippur, kosher food, the teachings of the Old Testament and probably the most significant aspect, the praying in the direction of the jewish city of Jerusalem. Why do I say this is the most significant aspect? Well, this goes back to the raising of Energy. This “prayer”, performed in a very ritualistic manner, raises a large amount of Energy, all focused at the jewish capital. It is blindingly obvious what is going on here.

Why all of the strict adherence to jewish religious practices if this prophet was a Gentile? It would make no sense to suddenly adopt the practices of a foreign tribe, unless you somehow felt bound to that particular tribe.

The following links are for educational purposes only! They do contain certain misinformation with regards to being in support of the judaic programs.

The above links speak of Muhammads deep devotion to jewish practices and a profound connection with the jewish jerusalem. This is due to the fact that Muhammad himself would have been a jew by blood. Muslims are not revering a Gentile saviour, but a jewish “messiah” created to work towards jewish supremacy.

This link illustartes the hundreds of similarities between judaism and islam.

Not only was he jewish himself, but Muhammad also took jewish wives. This is symbolic for a deep connection between islam and judaism. A marriage is a binding and deep connection. A jewish “princess” by the name of Safiyya Bint Huyayy was taken as a wife of Muhammad, and was regarded as exceptionally influential in the early days of islam, being referred to as “the mother of the believers”. It is deeply telling that the muslim prophet had such deep ties with a jewish princess. Again, subliminal messages of jewish supremacy are reinforced. During these times, it was forbidden for a jew to marry a non-jew. Therefore, it can be safely assumed that in order to marry this jewish princess, Muhammad would have to have posessed the jewish gene himself.
“And the Jewish Safiyya became one of the luckiest women in the history of Islam, a wife of the prophet Muhammad”. – From the book “The Truth About Islam” by Ibn El-Neil.

There was also a jewish concubine, Rayhana Bint Zayd, whom Muhammad was said to have had a sexual relationship with and eventually married.
This is taken from a book titled “Muhammad’s Jewish Wives” by Moses Creighton.

These close relationships with jewish women send out a powerful message of jewish supremacy and a strong and significant relationship between judaism and islam.

Having come from a jewish blood line, taking jewish wives, and vehemently promoting jewish religious practices, it can be clearly seen that the character of Muhammad was in fact jewish, and foreign to the Gentile People which are enslaved within this program today. The Gentiles who follow islam are worshipping the jews!

Gentiles Wake Up!!


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