The truth about the origins and spread of islam- how the jews developed the program of islam to invade and destroy the East

***This is the story of the prelude to the “islamic conquests”***

The quran and deluded followers of islam claim that this “religion” spread due to the followers of Muhammad traveling the east and spreading the word, acquiring new converts as they went by performing miracles, trading goods etc. This is a very fanciful story, and one which is NOT corroborated by actual historical events. The truth paints a very different picture and we are taken back to the Ancient Pagan Tribes and Civilizations of Arabia and the Middle East, who were brutally attacked and besieged for centuries by violent psychotic bandits who were the true founders of what we now know as islam. These attacks left trails of blood across the globe and ended in the destruction of Ancient Gentile culture and the enslavement of our People which is still effective to this day.

There never was any “prophet Muhammad” who led the Arabian people in efforts to convert the tribes to islam. Muhammad never existed, but was fabricated AFTER the conquests had taken place in order to be used as a tool, no different than the christian “jesus”.

So who did orchestrate the spread of this vile program? Who was this program meant to benefit? The following article will illustrate how it was in fact the jews who instigated and developed this program as a means of judaising the Pagan Eastern World, eliminating the original Pagan religion and practices, removing the power from the hands of the Gentile Pagan ruling class and developing a new system of ruler ship that placed all of the power and wealth in the hands of a new ruling class who had a jewish blood line.

Afterall, Muhammad himself was described as being of jewish decent, having jewish ancestry and even taking jewish wives and thus birthing jewish children.–the-jewish-prophet.html Whereas this character of Muhammad never existed himself, this is symbolic for how the jews placed their own in positions of power in the newly developed islamic world. This was either done by the ousting of a Gentile leader/ruler via the use of physical force and replacing them with someone of jewish descent or by using their women to infiltrate the Gentile bloodlines. The latter has long been a common tactic and is still used even today. The jews often use their females to infiltrate by siccing them onto powerful and influential Gentile men. Once they have managed to worm their way in, they take full control over that persons life, decisions and actions and can easily manipulate events according to their own agenda. As well as this control aspect, any future offspring produced will be considered jewish and carry jewish genes. Thus there is total judaising of everything.

The jews brag about this tactic in their story of “Esther”, the jewish whore who was sent to seduce the Persian King. As the story goes, the Persians were involved in constant battles with the jews and were attempting to exile them from Persia altogether, the jews needed a means of taking control of the Persian Kingdom and undermining the Persian King and Persian Gentile rulership. Using deceit and treachery (disgusing herself to appear more Gentile, taking a Persian name and getting rid of the Kings first Persian Gentile wife), “Esther” got the King to fall in love with and marry her, making her Queen. On guidance from her jewish brothers, she carefully gained the Kings trust and instructed the King to make all of the moves which would benefit the jewish people, and all of the moves which would inevitably lead to the destruction of his own Gentile People. She ensured that he had all of the Gentile Persian leaders who had once been his most trusted council, beheaded and publically shamed by using lies and fabrications to turn the King against them. “Esther” brags of planting seeds of doubt in the Kings mind, leading him to believe that his own People were his enemies. This is the age old tactic of divide and conquer. She separated the King from his most important support system, isolating him and taking control. Once the Gentile leadership has been slaughtered, Esther invites her own jewish people to take their places. By the time the King finds out who Esther really is and how he has been deceived, it is already too late.

Now, this is a fictitious story, however, the tactics behind it are very real, and were used ad nauseam by the jews of the time to infiltrate the Gentile Royal bloodlines and essentially destroy them. The story of “Esther” is a bragging of how they used these tactics to achieve their own end.

This is the same sort of tactics as were used by the jewish Rothschild family to infiltrate the British Royal Family. They began with financial manipulation, and then intermarriage. Nowadays, the “Royal Family” is 100% jewish, even practicing jewish traditions during wedding ceremonies and so on. Once the jewish gene has been inserted into the bloodline via the jewess, it is maintained by instilling laws that state the male offspring must take a jew as a bride. Remember, the child is considered legally jewish according to jewish law if the mother is a jew. This is why the marriage between William and Kate Middleton was necessary. Kate Middleton has a jewish mother, who was born Carol Goldsmith. Both of her grandparents were of jewish descent.

Here is an interesting excerpt:

“It was a Rothschild plan to marry superfluous daughters into the families of influential Gentiles; in this case of the Rothschild unions with Baron Battersea and the son of the fourth Earl of Hardwicke, the marriages were sterile, but a daughter of Mayer Amschel Rothschild married the fifth Earl of Rosebery, so that there is Rothschild blood in the present earl, one of whose sisters married the present Marquis of Crewe, himself with Villa Real blood: thus after many days, the blood of the Villa real Jewess mingles with that of the Rothschild in the issue of this marriage of “British Aristocrats”.

This custom of mating with Jewesses now become a common one; the instinct of the Aryan has been broken down by continued propaganda, and H. Belloc in his BOOK on The Jews writes of the Jewish penetration of our great aristocratic families: “With the opening of the twentieth century, those of the great territorial English families in which there was no Jewish blood were the exception.” -From “JEWISH INROADS INTO BRITISH ROYALTY UP TO THE YEAR 1937”

However, this is another story for another time altogether. The point here is to note the tactics which are used in order to infiltrate. This is how the infiltration of the Gentile Eastern and Arabian cultures began, and it was this careful infiltration into Gentile Society that aided in the creation and spread of islam, which is, in truth, judaism at its core. Now, we will look at how this began.

Actual historical records show that the creation of islam as it stands today, the writing of the quran and the invention of the fictitious Muhammad actually came AFTER the events now called the islamic conquests, and not before as mainstream media and muslims will have you believe. The conquests and destruction of the East took place before islam was actually created as a means of further destroying the original Pagan religion, cultures and knowledge and further weakening and enslaving the Gentile People. The purpose of the conquests, exactly like the Inquisition that took place in the West, was to eliminate the Pagan Gentile Royalty, slaughter the Pagan Priesthood and destroy Pagan Spiritual Knowledge, thus enslaving the Pagan Gentile People who were left totally cut off from their original identities, their original leaders, their original Gods and their original sources of Empowerment. They were reduced to mere slaves working for a foreign master. The program of islam was installed after this in order to ensure the continuance of this enslavement.

There in fact was never any mention anywhere of any established religion called islam, or any prophet by the name of Muhammad, during the times at which the violent conquests were taking place and there is no evidence for it having existed yet at that point in time. These religious aspects were created and fed into the records years later. This is no different than how the so-called biographies of Muhammad only appeared over 100 years after he was supposed to have died. During the time he was meant to have lived, not a word was breathed about him despite the presence of many Ancient historians whom were very accustomed to recording important events and stories. Very suspicious, to say the least.
So how would the conquests and the spread of islam have benefited the jews? Other than islam being a jewish program that worships a jewish god/agenda (Please see the rest of the site), as for the actual events as historically recorded, it has been proven that the major conquests took place with a great deal of jewish aid and worked in favor of the jews.

At this point in time, much of the Pagan Eastern world was attempting to banish the jews from their midst due to centuries of ongoing problems with them. Thievery, ritual murder and other attocities were common in societies where the jews decided to settle, and were the reasosns many Ancient Gentile societies either banished or attempted to banish them. Ancient Rome, Persia and Egypt declared laws at one stage or another expelling the jews for these very reasosns.

So in order to solve the problem of constantly being banished or suppressed from the Gentile societies which they invaded, and in order to take control for themselves so that they would be free to carry out their acts undisturbed, the jews needed to divise a plan to help them infiltrate the top levels of the Gentile societies and place themselves within all of the major positions of power. What better way of doing this than enforcing their own customs, beliefs and practices upon the people of these societies, establishing their own religion as the major religion, their own “priesthood” as the ruling class and essentially forcing their own alien culture onto the Gentile Peoples of the region and forcing them to worship their own “god” and their own prophets. If they could judaise everything, they would hold the reigns of control. Islam was the perfect means of doing this, and as has been stated, islam is merely judaism in a different form.

When we come into our kingdom it will be undesirable for us that there should exist any other religion than ours of the One God with whom our destiny is bound up by our position as the Chosen People and through whom our same destiny is united with the destinies of the world. We must therefore sweep away all other forms of belief. If this gives birth to the atheists whom we see to-day, it will not, being only a transitional stage, interfere with our views, but will serve as a warning for those generations which will hearken to our preaching of the religion of Moses, that, by its stable and thoroughly elaborated system has brought all the peoples of the world into subjection to us.”- The words of the jews themselves.
*Note- “Moses” is called Musa in the Quran where he is decleraed one of the prophets. The Quran is jewish through and through!!!

But this had to be done slowly and carefully and before this could be achieved successfully, the Gentile Societies would have to be infiltrated, weakened and undermined first.

To do this, the jews would first have to integrate themselves into the local Gentile cultures, adapting to their customs and ways of life. Once they had been fully integrated and had gained the trust of these people, they would begin to inflict their own culture, bizarre anti-life practices and beliefs and their own religion upon them.

This is destruction of a People from the inside out. It is an extremely effective means of weakening a group before engaging in outright warfare against them. First, they will rot the structure from within, so that it crumbles easily when they choose to attack. The best infiltrator first disguises themselves as that which they intend to destroy so that they may gain access to the very core of their object of attack. This is the same as was done with the Gentile Secret Societies, which were originally PAGAN in nature. This has been discussed in depth on the JoS website.

The following excerpt isinteresting regarding how the jews worked to integrate themselves into the Arab societies before they began the judaisation of these societies:

“Syed Abu-Ala’ Maududi in his “The Meaning of the Qur’an” points out that the Jews of the Hejaz “In the matter of language, dress, civilization and way of life, they had completely adopted Arabism, even their names had become Arabian … They even inter-married with the Arabs…..This intermarriage between Jews and Arabs, for example between the families of Quraish and Jewish women is well documented. “.” – From “The Persian conquest of Jerusalem in 614CE compared with Islamic conquest of 638CE. Its Messianic nature and the role of the Jewish Exilarch”, by Ben Abrahamson and Joseph Katz.

(Note that the above is written by jews who are fully aware of the jewish origins of islam.)

Once again, we see how the jews used their women to infiltrate Arabian Gentile society, attaching themselves to the Arabian royalty. By first adapting to the culture, they were able to infiltrate on a deep level.

So lets look at how the foundation for islam was first laid. It began with this jewish infiltration of the Arabian culture. It was documented that after adopting the Arabian culture and intermarrying with the influential Arabian men, the jewish women would force their unwitting Arabian husbands to adopt judaism and jewish practices.

This began to lead to the development of a bizarre amalgamation of judaic practices with traditional Arabian practices and resulted in an Arabian form of judaism beginning to rise. This mixing of practices and what resulted is what would later be officially developed into islam. This mirrors exactly how the jews laid the foundation for christianity in Alexandria when they developed a Hellenized form of judaism.

High Priest Don Danko wrote on this extensively, and the creation of islam in many ways overlaps with the events surrounding the creation of christianity:

“This is why Christianity as noted by scholars is so identical to the Egyptian Pagan religions. This is the major template the Jews stole and corrupted it from. Even lifting the title for their fictional Godman from one of the major Pagan deities.” – High Priest Don Danko.

The exact same thing was done with the Ancient Arabian Pagan religion. The jews siply lifted the name and identity of a Pagan Arabian God, known as Sin the Moon God, whose title in the Ancient Arabian world was “Al’Ilah”, meaning “Supreme Deity amongst all the Deities”. Note the similarity between Allah and Al’Ilah. Islam shares much in common with the Pagan Arabian religion, for example the symbol of the Crescent Moon and Star, the Lunar basis for the calendar, etc because the jews literally stole and corrupted the Arabian religion of the area as a template for their depraved program of islam.

Looking again to the jewish infiltration of Arabia -“Michael Lecker of Hebrew University in his article “A note on early marriage links between Qurashis and Jewish women”, in. Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam (1987),” says that there are three choices:
1. The women gave up Judaism and embraced paganism. 2. The women didn’t care about intermarriage with non-Jews 3. The men embraced Judaism
Due to various supporting evidence he gives, Dr. Lecker discounts the first two and is left with possibility of the third choice.” I.e., the only option was for the men to convert to judaism.

Please note from the above how the jews themselves are FULLY AWARE that islam is a facade and was created by them. They openly admit this and admit to purposefully deceiving the Gentile People and destroying our origianl and True Culture.
Now let us look at some of the historical events that led to the jews inventing islam as their final attempt to take control of the Eastern World.

As mentioned above, incessant problems with the jews were a common theme in Ancient Gentile societies which were desperately seeking means of ridding themselves of these jewish parasites.

During the time of the First Century C.E., Ancient Egypt, Cyprus and Cyrene had laws in place controlling the jews among them and protecting the native Gentile Populations from these unwanted tribes of blood thirsty criminal bandits. However, the jews organised a violent uprising in an attempt to take power from the Gentile People and carry out destruction of the Pagan Gentile religious centers. This was later termed the “kitos war” by the jews and was literally a massacre of the Pagan Gentile Peoples of these regions and a rampage of destruction against Gentile Pagan sacred sites and artifacts. The mass murder spree was orchestrated by a jew by the name of “Lukas” who had proclaimed himself as king of the jewish tribes.
“Their revolt started in Cyrene, where one Lukuas -sometimes called Andreas- ordered the Jews to destroy the pagan temples of Apollo, Artemis, Hecate, Demeter, Isis and Pluto, and to assail the worshippers.” -From Wars between the Jews and Romans: the revolt against Trajan (115-117 CE)

Thousands upon thousands of Gentile Pagan men, women and children were brutally murdered and Sacred Temples such as the Temples of Hecate and Isis were stormed and destroyed. The jewish murderers then proceeded to drink the blood and eat the flesh of their Gentile Pagan victims.

YES. You read that correctly. They engaged in cannibalistic ritualized mutilation of the bodies of the innocent Gentiles which they brutally killed. Here is a quote from an Ancient Roman Historian recounting the aftermath of this horrific jewish-orchestrated massacre:

“In Cyrene, the Jews massacred 220,000 Greeks; in Cyprus, 240,000; in Egypt, a very great multitude. Many of these unhappy victims were sawed asunder, according to a precedent to which David had given sanction of his examples. The victorious Jews devoured the flesh, licked up the blood, and twisted the entrails like a girdle around their bodies”- Dion Cassius I
This is sick, twisted and depraved in the very worst sense and clearly illustatres the sadistic nature of these parasites to civilisation. Here is another very telling quote relating to this massacre:

“Humanity is shocked at the recital of the horrid cruelties which Jews committed in the cities of Egypt, of Cyprus, and of Cyrene, where they dwell in treacherous friendship with the unsuspecting natives and we are tempted to applaud the severe retaliation which was exercised by the arms of legions against a race of fanatics, whose dire and credulous superstition seemed to render them the implacable enemies not only of Roman government, but also of humankind.” – By Edward Gibbon

***Note- “dwell in treacherous friendship with the unsuspecting natives”. The jews have been famous since time immemorial for biting the hand which feeds them. They will settle amongst a people, pretend to be a friendly prsesence, leech off of their lands, their labour and their goods, and suddenly without warning they will attack and destroy the very people from whom they were feeding. Many times throughout the pages of their bible they brag of this very behaviour. They would settle amongst a Gentile nation, and once they had fed off of and exhausted their resources, they would massacre them, steal their remaining goods and rape their women before moving on to the next unsuspecting group of Gentile People to begin their cycle of parasitic leeching all over again. This is even evident today in how they are currently massacaring the Palestinian People, whose land and farms they stole and falsely proclaimed to be their own. Nothing has changed over the last 10 000 years with this race of beings, and nothing ever will. They are natural born parasites who evetually destroy the People to which they attach themselves. They can never be trusted.

Getting back to the massacre which took place in the Ancient East. Despite the fact that they had massacred thousands of Gentile People, their attempt to take control was quashed by the armies of the Pagan Roman Emperor Trajan, who was later succeeded by Emperor Hadrian. Another quote by Dion Cassius:

“‘Meanwhile the Jews in the region of Cyrene had put one Andreas at their head and were destroying both the Romans and the Greeks. They would cook their flesh, make belts for themselves of their entrails, anoint themselves with their blood, and wear their skins for clothing. Many they sawed in two, from the head downwards. Others they would give to wild beasts and force still others to fight as gladiators. In all, consequently, two hundred and twenty thousand perished. In Egypt, also, they performed many similar deeds, and in Cyprus under the leadership of Artemio. There, likewise, two hundred and forty thousand perished. For this reason no Jew may set foot in that land, but even if one of them is driven upon the island by force of the wind, he is put to death. Various persons took part in subduing these Jews, one being Lusius, who was sent by Trajan.”

After this, the jews were exiled from the Roman Empire which at the time included Egypt, Cyprus and Cyrene and heavy sanctions were placed upon them, many laws forbidding jewish religious practices and so forth. Angered, they began to organize another uprising in the region which is today called Palestine. It was this uprising that would lead to huge amounts of jewish “refugees” flooding Arabia and Babylon. This uprising was known as the Bar kokhba revolt and was organised by a jewish leader Simon Ben kosiba, whom was regarded by the jews at the time to be a jewish “messiah” and prince who would lead them in a victorious slaughter and take over of the Gentile Pagan People. This “jewish prince” was aided by a rabbi Akiva. Persia at the time had a significant jewish population, as the jews had invaded it in much the same way they invaded Alexandria, and the jews took advantage of Persian military personnel to carry out this revolt against the Pagan Roman Empire.

This revolt was said to have been even more violent than the previous massacre and was reported by many Ancient Roman Historians as being a horriffic sight which they wished only to forget.

Emperor Hadrain managed to once again quash the revolt, and ensure that sanctions against jews within the Roman Empire were kept in place. Large amounts of the jewish murderers and plunderers fled back to Persia and to Arabia and Babylon to escape justice and to continue planning a means of taking control of the East. This is how the official development of islam began.

Some of the jewish immigrants to Arabia established their own tribal groups known in later islamic literature as the Bani Al-Nadir and the Bani Quraizah. That these were jewish tribes from the start comprised of those whom had taken part in the bloody Bar khokba revolt and NOT native Arab tribes is well-documented. It was stated that these tribes were comprised of the jewish cohen priests.

“Maududi says that the Bani Al-Nadir and Bani Quraizah were tribes made up of Cohenim. It is known that the Bani al Nadir and the Bani Quraizah were the clients of the Aus, and the Bani Qainuqa were the clients of the Khazraj.”

They at first integrated with and adopted Arabian culture mixed in with their own judaic beliefs and practices. It was said that they adopted islam easily because of their judaic origins and the heavy similarities between judaism and islam. Of course- islam was created by them using the stolen and corrupted Pagan Arabian template. It was these immigrant jewish tribes that began the creation of islam in this very manner. The Aus and Khazraj are referred to in the quran as the “uncles of islam”.

“The third wave of immigrants were mostly refugees and soldiers from Bar Kochba’s revolt –fighters trained in the art of war and zealously nationalistic – sought refugee in Arabia.This last wave of immigrants included people who are known in Islamic literature as the Aus andthe Khazraj.” – The Persian Conquest of Jerusalem.

These crypto-jewish Arabian tribes began to seize control via various war efforts, spreading their version of Arabian judaism (islam) as they went. The instillation of this Arabian judaism was brought into fruition when a marriage between an Arab leader and a jewish princess lead to the birth of the jewish-Arabian warlord “Dhu-Nuwas”. Dhu Nuwas means “lord of the sidelock”, referring to a jewish custom in which a rabbi wears a sidelock hairstyle. Through violent war efforts, Dhu-Nuwas managed to establish Arabian judaism quite firmly.

“In 518, when Ethiopian troops landed in Himyar, Dhu-Nuw,as’s forces soundly defeated the invaders. Flushed with success, he now saw himself as the champion of Arabian Jewry. It has been suggested by some scholars that Dhu-Nuwas’s ultimate objective was the creation of a Jewish empire stretching from Eretz Israel to Himyar.” – From Yosef Dhu Nuwas, a Sadducean King with Sidelocks

Although Dhu Nuwas was eventually defeated, Pagan Arabia had been weakened, and the foundation was set for the judaising of Arabia. Jews had already infiltrated Arabia at all levels of society, from the leadership to the religious centers. This, in truth, is how islam was born. The jews pushed this Arabian-judaism on the population of Arabia. This is what they developed into islam, as we noted above in stating that the jews liften the Pagan Arabian religious elements such as “Al’Ilah” and the Lunar Calendar, and simply combined them with jewish religious practices and the jewish prophets, stories and the jewish “god”. This can clearly be seen in the glaring similarities between judaism and islam:–fighting-amongst-these-programs-is-all-a-facade.html

Many historians also noted how the conquests which led to the spread of this new Arabian judaism later called islam was largely supported and funded by the jews who pushed the concept of a “messiah” destined to lead them in the efforts to instate this new religion. The “prophet Muhammad” was invented as a jewish messiah and symbol of these conquests that brainwashed fools could rally around, however, he never existed as a real person.–the-jewish-prophet.html

Once Pagan Arabia had been weakened and the foundations had been laid, the conquests began which would establish the new religion of islam as the primary religion of the Eastern World.

Conquestor Caliph Umar ibn Al-Khattab was even said so have received a great deal of aid from the jews. A group of extremely wealthy jewish bankers funded military campaigns with the use of taxe,s which swept through the East, slaughtering thousands upon thousands of Pagan Gentiles and destroying thousands of Pagan sacred sites. Those individuals who had been judaised, brainwashed or simply bought out joined the armies of the conquests. Following these military conquests which left the land absolutely ravaged and weakened to the point at which the Pagan Gentiles were no longer able to fight back, islam was developed and put in place, the quran was written, and islam (Arabian-judaism) was enforced upon the region.

A much more in depth article on the islamic conquests will be written shortly, displaying the severe brutality which they engaged in. This truly was a shocking string of events that saw so much blood shed throughout the Eastern World that places that still stand today are named with words that bare translations such as “Death Mountain”. The purpose of this article was to expose the jewish origins and foundations of islam, and how it was the jews that developed this program and funded its spread.

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